Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Sylvia Cage – A mother and daughter feeling better together

My Chiropractic Story

I am not sure how or where it all started, but the quality of my life began to deteriorate about two years ago after several falls. I not only had back pain, but my overall health was very poor. I was sick with something all of the time.

Three months in treatment with Dr. Zack and I am pain free. I make it to work everyday, the quality of my life is so much improved, and I sleep so good!

My duaghter has seen Dr. Zack for as long as I have and she has not looked or felt better in years.

We still have our moments, however that is all they are, moments.

Thank you to Dr. Zack and Sandy for all of their kindness, and prayers.

Sylvia Cage

Nikki Nowell – A Changed Family

Dr. Zack

“Thank you” is one of those phrases that pops out of our mouths so easily. I can’t say that its over-used, but i think it has become such a casual thing to say that sometimes it seems its lost its importance and meaning. But as hard as i try to think of better words to use so I can express my thankfulness and gratitude to you – I can’t.

You have worked miracles for our family over the last several months. I am so glad God lead us to you and your amazing staf! We feel so taken care of and loved. You’ve taught us that Chiropractic care isn’t just for those with back pain, but also for fairly healthy children and mommy’s with the martyr syndrome. (“oh no – fix everyone but me – I’ll be O.K.”) (:  Ha Ha I can feel the difference regular care has made in my body, and you’ve helped me get motivated to do more physically. I am making healthier lifestyle & eating choices, and as the CEO of my family (Benny is President of course) I’m teaching our children to do the same. We’re learning together and making changes together. It’s a family thing!!

You’ve helped us Chane our family tree and we are so grateful! Thank you for blessing us, and

Thank you for reflecting God’s love – you are appreciated!

I’ll be praying for you, Danton & Courtney as you bless others with your gifts!

God Bless you all!

Niki Nowell

Mathew – Getting my mom back

Dear Dr. Zack

Thank you for making my Mom feel better. She does not get angry so much. Please help her to get all better.

I love you.

I hope you and your family can come to the party.


Mathew O.

Laura M – An injury that lead to health

My shoulder was messed up from shooting a basketball (I missed). I went to Dr. Alme and found out that because of my spine being not quite right and my neck also not quite right, I had a lot of the problems that I found myself suffering with. Dr. Alme also gave me a lot of good ideas that I could do to help myself feel better.

Being “well adjusted” by Dr. Alme has affected these areas of my life:

  • energy – increased/fatigue decreased
  • menstrual cramping minimal (from diabilitating)
  • allergies – minimal sinus infections vs. multi sinus infections (1 a years vs. 3 or 4)

Also on that note – I’d get 3 or 4 a year with flonase, clavitin, and naskrom as my daily prescription – I take none of those drugs now and only get 1 sinus infection. Those drugs are supposedly preventative. Spinal health brings physical health. (:

Joyce – My Chiropractic Story

Joyce Rethmann

63 years young

My Chiropractic Story

When I first went to Dr. Zacks office, I was in a lot of pain. I am normally a helathy person but the last 3 years have taken a toll on my health, with two surgeries, several illnesses, and all the medications I had to be on, moving twice, helping my husband remodel our home (which is still in progress), and my husband being laid off from work and consequently retiring.

My knees hurt, my back, shoulders and neck were in pain and stressed to the max, and I had an acute case of acid reflux that I was on medication for, tired all the time, very little flexibility in my back, shoulders and neck, and I was getting only a couple of hourse of sleep a night (which has been going on for over 12 years). As I talked to Dr. Zack he explained how chiropractic care could help me. I had never been to a chiropractor before and I did not know what to esxpect but I went out of his office with hope that day that I would get better.

I have been going 3 times a week, doing exercises at home,though not as consistently as I should) and I find I am getting much better each week. I now get at least 5-8 hours of good sleep each night (rarely do I get only a couple), my energy level is getting much better and my stamina is returning, the knee problem is 90% better; I can now climb stairs, and go for walks and I only feel a twinge of pain. The acid reflux problem is much milder – if I eat spicy foods then I have to take Prilosec and that may ovvur a couple of times a week at the most. My back, neck and shoulders are loosening up and I have muvh more flexibility in them.

First I want to thank the Lord for sending me to Dr. Zack and then thank Dr. Zack for the good care he is giving me. I feel like a new person with all this sleep, energy, and feeling much less pain in my body.

Jean & Victoriea – Missionaries Re-Equipped for the Mission

Dear Zack – How does one say thank you for wonderful “heatlh” and “wellness” care for over twelve years? just say it I guess… THANK YOU! Who would have thought that we would recover the health to return overseas. Much thanks goes to you for perserving through numerous issues, teaching, helping, adjusting, gently encouraging ever higher levels of pain free wellness and energy to Live andMove. Thank you! We have you to thank for constantly teaching us to care for our bodies – standing against indiscriminate medications & surgery, vaccinations – seeking Chiropractic first when ill (Even the “Vulcan Mindmeld”) is appreciated! Thank you! Thank you cor your generous, healing care of a ragtag bunch of missionaries: Jean Hoizfling and her brood, Victoria Munro (who is now enjoying vibrant Good Health!)

With sincere appreciation for you kindness and generosity.

Thank you! For a string of transition employments. After the last one, your words “You have a calling and you need to be pursuing it.” Thank you for wise words! for faith and perserverence. All of your patients depend on it.

James Potts – Actually Living through Maximized Living

My name is James Potts and I am alive. That may sound like a statement everyone breathing could make, since recieving Chiropractic care I would have to disagree. Looking back I couldn’t describe the way I felt and lived as being alive. I was, by definition, alive except there is a secondary definition that tlaks of being full of activity and animation. I was neither active nor animated much to my chagrin, more often I felt lethargic and had a sour mood. I don’t want to make chiropractic sound like a miracle because on its own there is limited value. Paying attention to what my body was telling me and concentrating on correcting my posture has been a major factor in my road back to wellness. Until the healing process is recognized as a joined effort of patient and doctor, any real progress will be stunted. It wasn’t until I started to believe in the miracle in myself that i really saw its benefits. Coordinating exercise, stretching, and nutrition along with Dr. Alme’s help through advice and adjustments have given me the feeling that I have a life to live.

Erin Jones – Its not that scary

Erin Jones

11 years old

My mother went to the chriopractor, Dr. Zack, came back, and told us to try it! “No way!” I said doubtfully. But my mom dragged me there anyway. I was watching my mom getting an adjustment and I got pretty scared when he turned your necks pretty for left and right. It was finally my turn. I gulped and got onto the cushioned table. First, after I got on, I got worried and my breathing got difficult (like hard to take a bath and stuff). During the adjustment, he asked me who was my teacher and stuff. The adjustment was over before it began! I got better really quick!

Thanks Dr. Zack!

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