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Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.


Nicole used to suffer from headaches every day, but after six weeks of chiropractic treatment, she is now completely headache free and enjoying strong overall health as a result of a Maximized Living doctor’s care.


Instead of accepting that she would endure a lifetime of illness and pain, Anne began seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor and learned that how she could become her healthiest self.


After years of yo-yo weight left over from child birth, Krystal and her entire family is now healthier as a result of following the principles of Maximized Living.


Rachel had a myriad of issues, from chronic foot and hip pain to sleep deprivation, all which got significantly better or completely disappeared after coming to a Maximized Living chiropractor.


When Brenda’s doctor wanted to double her medication, she switched to chiropractic care and is now completely off her medication, and her serious health issues have all but disappeared.


Suffering from issues like Type 1 Diabetes and a heart condition, Caela felt like she had nowhere to turn for help. After getting adjusted and learning how to care for her spine, Caela’s issues have subsided and improved – and she can dance again!

Gloria Schurman – “Manipulation vs. Immobilization”


My Chiropractic Story

“Manipulations vs. Immobilization”

By Gloria Schurman, patient of Dr. Zackary Alme, Lafayette, CO.

I recently read the Preferred Chiropractic Newsletter. There was an article inside entittled “Manipulation vs. Mobilization.” This was an interesting article, but it made me think of my own situation at the present. September 28th, 1999, I was standing on an old “Samsonite” metal folding chair to wash the outside windows in my office at work. I back to the edge of the chair and found out immediately that it was very unstable. The chair flew out from under me and I fell with my legs straightly stretched in front of me (jack knifing). I heard a loud “pop” in my left knee area and knew I had injured something significant. When I finally got the courage to get up, I was surprised that I could walk on my leg. However, the more I walked on it that evening, the more it swelled and the more I limped. I could barely bend the knee enough to get in my car to drive home.

The next morning I could not put any weight on the leg. I had to hop to the bathroom on one leg. Luckily my son was home and got out “just-in-case” crutches down from the rafters of the garage. I went to  a medical doctor, becasue I was sure I had torn or broken something. Also I was in a great deal of pain. My primary care physician thought I had just sprained my knee, but referred my to an orthopedic surgeon for further care.

After an MRI and many x-rays it was found that I had a hairline crack of the tibia plateau (bone where the knee attatches to the leg), a significant bruise of the bone, and a torn meniscus (cartilage). All this from falling from an 18: tall chair!!

The doctor told me to NOT put any weight on the leg. I had to use crutches and a wheel chair for two and a half months!! I had calluses on the palms of my hands from the crutches. I used the wheel chair at work to give my body a rest from the crutches. I realize the doctor was trying to let the hairline crack heal. The question I’m sure asking is, “Did it work? Did you get better?” I am sure it did help the hairline crack, but when the doctor told me I could put weight on the leg, I COULD NOT WALK!! I t took me two weeks to “wean” off of the crutches!!

My ankle hurt; below my knee area hurt; and my hip and pelvic bones hurt. It finally “hit” me that when I had fallen, I forcibly displaced these areas. I went to Dr. Alme and after even one adjustment, I COULD WALK!! My ankle was “out of place.” I couldn’t believe how much chiropractic helped me!! The doctor had me convinced that it would take months to heal and that only a physical therapist could slowly help me regain my motions. After only three visits, Dr. ALme had readjusted my ankle, pelvic bone, and foot. In just a SHOT TIME< i felt GREAT!!

I still need arthroscopic surgery for the torn meniscus. I still need to do exercises to stretch my thigh and calf muscles so that I can bend my knee “all the way.” But to me, these are “little things.” I could have been going to a physical therapist for months and months and maybe not even then improve the way I did with chiropractic. So please do not let medical doctors persuade you that their way is the only way to improve after an accident. Chiropractic and Dr. Alme saved me!!